The eTXT Menu appears to the left of the screen, with the currently active menu item clearly highlighted so you can see where you are at a glance.

Let's take a look at those Menu Items and get familiar with them.

Main Menu Item Section Description
Compose Send messages and view recent messages from all sources such as SMS via email, API, mobile or Web... all your recent messages are in one place and updated regularly.
Inbox A filtered view of Messages you have received. This includes all messages received as replies to messages sent via the API, Mobile Interface and Email as well as your Web messages.
All Messages View all your messages.
Sent Messages A filtered view of Messages you have sent. This includes all messages sent via the API, Mobile Interface and Email and your web messages as well as MO messages to your virtual numbers.
Scheduled Messages View a list of messages that you have scheduled to send.
Draft Messages We save your unsent messages regularly, just to be safe.
Templates Add, find and manage your message templates. These are messages you might send frequently.
Keywords Add, find and manage your keyword configuration. This is used to configure inbound processing, such as Group Opt-In. Admin Users Only.
Numbers Add, find and manage numbers available to your Company.
Contacts Create, find and edit contacts in your online address books.
Groups Manage groups of recipients. Import/export contacts and access the bulk sender page.
Security Domains Partition your Contacts into Domains, to control which Users can see which Contacts.
Blocked Numbers Upload or edit numbers that are banned from receiving messages from you or your accounts. You must take opt out requests from recipients seriously or your service may be disconnected.
Contact Settings Configure properties about Contacts, including custom properties, STOP keywords, and ensure users can only send to Contacts rather than arbitrary numbers.
Profile User level settings allowing you define your name and contact details. Also define Account Alerting here.
Preferences User level settings allowing you customise your preferences such as Browser Notifications, Default Source Numbers, and your home page.
Email2SMS User level settings for Email2SMS. Define your Email signature and request email addresses here.
API Keys Define an API Key for your user here.
Company Limits Set and alter your companies settings to limit and control costs, functionality and user access. Admin Users Only
API Settings Allow eTXT to notify you when a message arrives, or a status changes. Admin Users Only
Email2SMS Control who can use Email2SMS in your Organisation. Import addresses via CSV files, add domains and adjust your companies security settings. Admin Users Only
Users View a list of users in your company. Click a user to edit eTXT settings for them including Group access, Email2SMS, Reply to Mobile, Forward to Mobile and Long Message options. Admin Users Only
User Requests Grant Requests from your users, including requests for access to Email2SMS. Admin Users Only
Mobile Settings Control if you want to allow Reply to Mobile and Forward to Mobile. Admin Users Only
Reports View reports on your user group. Admin Users Only
Log Out Leave eTXT.